Louis Vuitton Date Code Reader offered by #OPHERTYCIOCCI

Need help with Louis Vuitton date code? Enter the date code in the below box and you'll instantly know when the bag was produced and its country of production.

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Please enter the date code without dots, spaces or any special character or symbol. Just plain letters and numbers ;-)


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Just so you are aware, we are not affiliated in any way with Louis Vuitton company or its registered trademark. We're vintage online sellers and thought it would be helpful sharing our knowledge and helping those interested in Louis Vuitton vintage and pre-loved accessories.
This service does NOT provide guarantee of authenticity, but it can help along with other information to stay away from counterfeits.
For more help with authentication, read our dedicated blog posts (link: https://vintage.ophertyciocci.com/2019/02/14/louis-vuitton-date-codes-read/).